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Using Troves API to create a mobile friendly interface to

24th April, 2014

Well, it happened again... I got carried away with an idea and now I have to write something about it to justify the time I spent on it.

While searching recently I noticed how un-responsive it is, I mean, some elements respond to different browser window sizes but using it on a phone is not very fun. so I thought I would have a play with Troves API and see what I could come up with.

Using the API is easy enough, just create a Trove account and request access, it is also simple enough to get a hang of quickly with the documentation provided. I will note there are some obvious limitations to the API which are probably there on purpose to protect the content and Trove itself. Once I had API access and had done a few tests I started with a Boostrap framework; who can pass up the ability to have a neat responsive site up and running so fast, even if it does mean sacrificing a completely unique design...

For the most part building rove was straight forward, I used jQuery AJAX requests with all data returned as JSON objects, it was then just a case of cycling through objects to list results. My biggest challenge was getting thumbnail images as they do not always come through the API. To get around this I wrote a small PHP script utilising the simple html dom script to lookup each search results URL and scrape the image source from it, a bit of a hack but it works!


Right now you can search all content types and it links to the trove items page, my next 2 main features are pagination of results with a "show more results" button at the end of each search and then I want to add article content to the result when it is clicked, this way results can be viewed in the same window as the search results and a user can then click through to the items full details on Trove.

Rove is online here:


I created the load more feature so it allows continuous loading of results as a single page application. I also added the 'Send Item Details' button which allows a mobile user to send the items metadata including Trove URL and a PDF of the result to any email address - the idea here was to create something you might find a school student using in a classroom or library while researching in a group environment.

Rove is on the shelf now, it was a good exercise and I am happy I finished what I set out to build.


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Phasers set to stun

16th April, 2014

Making games has always been something I liked the idea of but thought was out of my reach, I don't want to go and learn a whole new language just to make games. However, thanks to Javascript and Phaser I can tinker with html games with just html and javascript basics and a very small learning curve.

Setting up Phaser is not very hard and there are a lot of examples out there, there is also a very active support forum that I had to make use of, my question was answered overnight and my little testing platform is complete! I had some design ideas floating around so with idraw and sublime text I went at it. Click the screenshot below to try the platform, to play the game use your keyboard arrow keys to move and the up arrow to jump...


Open Example Platform

The question is, does anyone remember where the games music track is from??? It's 90's gaming memories for me!

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6th April, 2014

I have a feeling it is going to be a good year, well, I mean so far it has been very productive, onwards and upwards?! At least right now anyway everything looks so beautiful on my new macbook pros retina display, so maybe I am just a bit lovestruck... speaking of lovestruck I just finished upgrading Roseann's (my wife's) website. We started with a base Wordpress theme and modified it to suit, she can take over now and update content and blog away, over the next few weeks I need to implement a client viewing gallery area so that might be the next subject for a Wordpress plugin.

As usual with the site, I have stared at it for too long so cannot be subjective in critiqing it, I do know though it was a big upgrade from the last version of the site!

The RHP Project

Now I have to try and figure out how to get enough sleep to be able to get up in 5 1/2 hours! There is never a dull moment with kids!

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Plugin to the Codex

18th March, 2014

I have been quite busy with work lately but have somehow been able to find some time to create my first Wordpress plugin, I am sure there are many things wrong with how I made it so I will be looking for feedback, but, delving in to the Wordpress Codex was rewarding and I took away quite a bit of knowledge about the core of Wordpress and am excited about creating my next plugin soon!

Check it out! I created a page with some documentation and download links: WC Bulk Buyer Discounts Plugin

Options Page


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ART101 - Website

22nd January, 2014

Well it's January 2014 and with the new year came a new house for my family and I, moving in and doing some renovations at the end of the month means I wanted to clear my plate of projects, in this respect I have been lucky enough to start 2014 with productive results! I finished another website this week which leaves me just on call for work during my 2 week moving/renovation 'holiday'..., an Art Gallery/Studio website with e-commerce for booking lessons, I did a lot of work for cross browser/device compatibility and am proud to say its a very responsive site! It was built over 2 months and looks great thanks to the beautiful artwork photos all supplied by my art lessons teacher and ART101 owner Mel, it makes it easy to build a nice looking website when the client is a very talented artist!

Now it's time to start tuning out, leave approaches!


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Hi, my name is Michael, I work in various roles in IT from consulting and IT management to system administration and web development, at night after the kids go to bed I work on various web side projects. While my primary work is with IT I enjoy most things business and marketing related.

I originally created this site to record my progress of learning web technologies but now it is more of my personal blog as well as my online portfolio.

Wait, did I mention I made this site from scratch with bootstrap and my own PHP content manager? Well I did and while its no Wordpress, its mine!

Recent Projects & Work

  • WooCommerce Bulk Buyer Discounts - A Wordpress plugin for custom discounts in WooCommerce online stores

  • - my wifes business, wordpress theme development.

  • - Mobile friendly interface for searching using the Trove API.

  • - Local Business website, fully responsive with online store.

  • - Company website, fully AA Compliant

  • - localised weather recording and analysis.

  • - A small experimental site and Android (PhoneGap) app I wrote while learning AJAX and PhoneGap.

  • Weatherline - The second App I built, HTML5 and cross device compatible, Weatherline is an app that displays Australian weather information for your location with a twist!

  • Plan4Sun - A PHP tool using a BOM Linked Data API. Functional but not styled or mobile compatible.

  • - Originally the Project Manager I got my hands dirty with the html/css design in this Ordering system.

  • - Role: BA/Project Manager/Designer - a project we delivered for AGS.